If you are interested in studying veterinary medicine in the Netherlands as a veterinary student of another school, there are several options for you to go about this. Depending on the amount of time you wish to spend in the Netherlands, your interests and the university you are studying at, the possibilities may vary.

Extra curricular education at the Utrecht University faculty of veterinary medicine

  • Depending on what stage you are in your own study, certain courses may or may not be available
  • Admission to these courses for internationals is arranged by the International Office

You can read more about the courses on the UU website - https://www.uu.nl/en/education/veterinary-education/study-programme/extra-curricular-education

An internship at Utrecht University

If you want to study at the Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as part of your veterinary curriculum, it is possible to do clinical rotations within the university animal hospital for several weeks as part of your master/graduate program. 

Depending on the rotation, you may do so in the small animal hospital, equine hospital and/or mobile large animal clinic. 

Admission to these clinical rotations are limited and arranged by the International Office.

International Office

It is necessary to check whether you are eligible for doing clinical rotations - due to high demand, access for international students to these rotations are limited to a small number of students from partner universities. Unsure whether your university is a partner university to Utrecht University? Check the full list: https://www.uu.nl/en/education/veterinary-education/study-programme/international-education 

If you are eligible, you can contact your own and the faculty’s International Office for further information.

Signing up for an externship

You can fill out our externship form here. Please do keep in mind that finding housing for the duration of your stay is your own responsibility. It is therefore strongly advised to keep rent in mind when budgeting your trip. The clinic you are going to work at might be able to help you find a place to stay.

For additional questions and information, feel free to contact us!


Externships in the Netherlands

If you are more interested in gaining experience in a veterinary clinic outside of the academic animal hospital at Utrecht University, externships offer a wide range of possibilities. To help you find a fitting clinic, the exchange officers (EOs) of IVSA the Netherlands have made a form in which you can fill out what exactly you are looking for. Based on this, the EOs go through our database of clinics to find the best match. They will then contact you to give you further information and put you in touch with the clinic. 

You can further contact the IVSA MO to learn more about our current opportunities.