What is a Member Organisation (MO)?

The Netherlands only has one faculty of veterinary medicine, located in Utrecht. Since this is the only place to study veterinary medicine in the country, the local Member Organisation(MO) is automatically also the national MO. Together we work to create international opportunities for our members, organise exchanges and internships. Interested in learning more about what we do? Feel free to contact us!

MO IVSA the Netherlands 2019-2021

The MO of IVSA the Netherlands for the period 2019-2021 consists out of the following board members: 

President: Lisa Buren 

Secretary: Ellen Leenstra & Thessa van Duinen 

Treasurer: Jesse Gosker 

Senior Exchange Officer: Ellen Leenstra & Thessa van Duinen 

Junior Exchange Officer: Emilie van Haaster 

Public Relations Coordinator: Rachel van Velzen