Join an IVSA event!

Twice a year, a General Assembly (GA) of the Member Organisations (MOs) is held; once in the winter (Symposium) and once in the summer (Congress). During GA, the internal organisation of IVSA is discussed alongside verious themes within veterinary medicine - the outcomes are then shared with other large international parties such as the WHO, OIE and FAO in order to create global policy together. During the rest of the program of the Congress or Symposium, delegates will attend lectures and workshop organized by the Organising Committee of the hosting country of the event. Both national and international partners of IVSA are present to support this event.

Aside from attending meetings and the educational program, the IVSA events usually have a social program in which delegates learn more about the local culture through excursions and each others culture through evening festivities (such as Formal Dinner and Cultural Evening). In total, an IVSA event takes between 9 to 12 days and is attend by 150 to 200 delegates.

How can I join?

As a Dutch student you can becoma part of the Dutch delegation is you are an IVSA member (you are automatically an IVSA member if you are a member of DSK). You can then apply for the event through its application form. It is up to the organisation of the event to select the delegates: siging up doesn't mean you will be able to go!

If you are select as part of the delegation, you will receive the agenda and additional documents for the GA. The MO of IVSA the Netherlands will give you further instructions and bring you in touch with the other Dutch delegates.

Congress usually takes place in July and Symposium in January. The applications for these events are opened four month in advance (March and August). For the exact dates and deadlines, you can follow our social media pages.